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India Gate is known for its generous portions, reasonable prices, friendly service, collection and delivery. India Gate gives you an authentic selection of Indian. Delivery out is not just about the food, it’s about the whole experience. We invite you to browse our site and discover your new favourite dish.

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73-75 Great Victoria Street
Belfast, BT27AF

India Gate Top Dishes


boneless chicken breast


a selection of bbq chicken tikka, lamb tikka, tandoori chicken and sheek kebab


chicken breast marinated with youghurt add our own spices, cooked in creamy almond and coconut sauce


plenty of chillies in the hot curry with green peppers, onions, mushrooms in a spicy garlic and root ginger sauce and the creamy version is not hot.


cooked with cubed green peppers, onions and garlic cloves in hot sauce with green chilli


a curry with two layers, rich tomato curry base with mild and creamy layer on top.

Customer Reviews of India Gate

25 reviews


  • great feed. nice and spicy. definitely be getting again


  • TL;DR - Five stars. Friendly staff, delicious food and quick delivery. There was a small issue with my order, which was Hungry House's fault as they had somehow included stuff on the menu that India Gate don't actually serve. The restaurant's response was impeccable - a number of complimentary items were brought, after a very apologetic (even though it wasn't their fault!) and personable phone call. Delivery was quick, with a very friendly employee bringing us the food. Belfast benefits from a number of very good Indians, and this is a new addition (there was an Indian restaurant on the premises before, but as far as I know this is a completely separate establishment). Its newness should not put you off, and I'd add that it's well worth choosing it over the many alternatives (even if you don't choose to do so every time you want Indian food, because there are so many restaurants that deserve our support!). This is because the chef(s) clearly know what they're doing: the food was great. The consistency of the curries we ordered was pretty much bang on perfect, and even more importantly, the taste was extremely well crafted. Both my partner and I love hot food, and it's easy to mask taste with heat, but the chefs at India Gate have managed to combine the spiciness we love with bursting tastes that we love even more. Starters were lovely too, and there are plenty of enticing options for sundries and side orders too. We've not yet dined in at the restaurant, but are excited about doing so as soon as we can get some babysitting! This is the second time we've got a delivery from them, though (the first via Hungry House), and we certainly will again.


  • First class start to finish. This is a restaurant with beautiful food and excellent staff interaction. Many Thanks X


  • 5 Star Service- a must try , for everyone in Belfast


  • This place never disappoints. Best indian in Belfast by a country mile. I had the chicken tikka garlic chilli. Gorgeous.


  • Yum!


  • Got something different to what I ordered.


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